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How To Generate Thumbnail From Video Online [Auto]

Video is a key to growing your online business because you can get a lot of viewers by uploading a perfect video. Thumbnail is a snap from a video and shows interesting things. An attractive thumbnail becomes a superb way to get the audience on your YouTube channel, or Facebook video.

Hence, if you are planning to grow your online business with the help of videos, then you need to learn many things. If you are new, then you have to learn many more helpful points, need to learn some techniques, and make strategies to grow your business in a short time.

Today we will discuss the best way to Generate Thumbnail From Video. But before going to our main topic, we will discuss what is thumbnail, why you need it, how to generate a thumbnail, etc. Moreover, you will learn many professional tips to make your videos unique, attractive, to get an audience.

What is a video thumbnail?

A thumbnail is actually an image that snaps from your created video and defines the whole content of your video. Many online companies, brands, and online businessmen use videos strategy to commercial their work and spread it on the internet.

They make creative videos and use attractive thumbnails with amazing titles to get traffic on their websites, stores, etc. Hence, the viewers can just surf the thumbnail and click on any postage-sized preview to go to the original video. Thumbnails make for fewer, more efficiently viewable pages and let viewers nicely exploit what they like to see.

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3 Reasons For Customizing Thumbnails

There are three reasons to Generate Thumbnail From Video and these are as follows:

1: The thumbnail helps people to understand what to expect

The video thumbnail helps people to understand that what kind of content they want. Sometimes viewers do not read the title or caption, they just see the thumbnail images and click on the video to see. Hence, People’s brains, thinking, are visual, they prefer to see just thumbnails. Thus, you need to generate the creative+attractive+interesting thumbnails and help people to understand everything quickly.

2: Create A Good Thumbnail to Get More Clicks

You can generate or create a good video thumbnail that helps you to get more audience. A more audience means that you can get more clicks and it helps to grow your online business easily. Hence, you need to use a good design, stylish words, and attractive images that lead to more clicks. It also helps you to differ your video from your competitor’s videos.

3: Great Thumbnails Leads To More subscribers

You can generate or create unique thumbnails to lead more and more subscribers on your YouTube channel, followers on Facebook or Instagram page. It is because people like unique titles and find your video helpful, and you can enjoy a lot of subscribers on daily basis.

Custom Video Thumbnail Generator

There are a lot of video channels that automatically select the perfect thumbnail from the created video. You do not need to try some extra things or no need for extra efforts because most of the work will be done automatically.

Just you have to complete some requirements and upload the video by using tags, links, etc. But if you want some uniqueness and don’t like the random snaps as a thumbnail of your video, then you need to do an effort. Now you have to generate the video thumbnail as experts. Let’s discuss how you can make your own thumbnail for YouTube videos.

How to Create A Thumbnail For Your Video?

You have three options to get a unique + attractive video thumbnail. These are as follows:

  • The first one is that you can use professional services that are available online and always be ready to do work for you. These professionals have the skills to generate thumbnail from videoand makes you happy.
  • The second option is that you can use a Video thumbnail generator tool, which helps to generate the perfect thumbnail within seconds. It generates a lot of thumbnails and you can select a perfect one for your video.
  • The third option is that you can create a video thumbnail for your own video by using creative snaps, titles, and make it unique. So, t depends on you which option you like to select. If you are agreeing to make your own video thumbnail, then let’s discuss it steps.

How to Make a Video Thumbnail Without Professional’s Help

You have a wonderful chance to do something unique, attractive, and better than all other thumbnail generators. To create a video thumbnail, you can follow several steps. These are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to create a video by using amazing techniques.
  • Then you have to capture a screenshot from your own created video. Use the attractive part of the video for screenshots which can explain the video content very well.
  • For screenshots on windows, you can use a snipping tool or can use short keys Alt+PrtScn and move ahead.
  • For screenshots on Mac, you can hit the Command+Shift+4 and easily select any part of your screen where you want to capture. So, you can pause your video and copy the image and simply save it on your device.
  • Now you have a chance to use that screenshot and edit it by writing a title. The title should be attractive, surprising, and interesting at the same time.
  • Sometimes, you can use the questions, bold the title and use some other editing skills.
  • Set the image size, and crop it, can edit it by adding many other images, and use pretty colors.
  • Keep in mind that whether it will look amazing, eye-catching, on any device’s screen like desktop, mobile or tablet, etc.
  • Finally, you can use the created thumbnail and upload the video easily.


To Generate Thumbnail From Video, you have no need for extra efforts and skills. We explained three options to make our video thumbnail attractive, interesting, and according to audience needs.

Firstly, you should think about your video which should be interesting, eye-catching, and should base on amazing content. Then you can use the thumbnail from that video which can explain the content of the video and people find it wonderful. It helps to get more viewers, likes, subscribers, and all these resources will help to earn more money.

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