How to Add Thumbnail To Youtube Video on Android

How to Add Thumbnail To Youtube Video on Android Phone 2021

Lots of apps are working great to create the best and efficient thumbnail. But few apps are only built to create a special thumbnail for your YouTube videos with the help of your phone or any tablet.

There are a variety of apps that can do everything you want to do with thumbnails such as take pictures, live shoot pictures, edit, and also upload. All it works with your android.

Small things are much attractive than others. Selecting the best thumbnail is not easy work, but there is a lot of help that helps you to make a wonderful thumbnail for your videos on YouTube.

Efficient and best Size Thumbnail for YouTube video

There is a total of five main core things that YouTube company focuses deeply on the thumbnails of the videos. If you want to achieve success through the YouTube platform, then you should focus on these guidelines. The points are listed below:

  • 1280 pixels by 720 pixels is the perfect and great size for the attractive thumbnail for youtube videos.
  • The dimensions of the thumbnail use a ratio of 16:9.
  • 640 pixels wide is the main size of the video thumbnail.
  • 2MB is the maximum size of the thumbnail for the video.
  • There are also different formats of thumbnails like JPG, GIF, and PNG.

What are thumbnails works?

These are the small preview images through which users can attract or want to play video if it looks good and beautiful. It all works to represent your videos.

The audience will attract to it and want to see content in the video if it looking good and is best for them to watch the complete video. It is as a book covers on your videos. The design of the thumbnail represents the interest and curiosity of the content.

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Why Thumbnails of YouTube Play Important Role?

In real life, some people only see or attract by the thumbnail you use on your videos. Because it is the representation of the content of your video. If you want to have a good journey with your YouTube career then you should mainly focus on thumbnails to attract your audience. It has the power to make or break your career on YouTube.

An efficient thumbnail will give you thousands of audience in your hand, but some people work hard to create content in their videos and are not able to get the audience in big numbers.

It is because they forget this thumbnail work and they don’t focus on this part, that’s why lots of audiences don’t get attract fully. You can now customize your video’s thumbnail with your android easily and effectively.

Whenever you upload your videos, there is pull-up option appears on your screen to select one of the thumbnails for your video. There is a total of three options you will see as a suggestion from YouTube and you have to select one to use as a thumbnail.

Keep in mind, that custom thumbnail will get more audience to your channel and it stands firm in the crowd of YouTube career. It is the best strategy to make a brand yourself in your career.

It will take less time to make the best thumbnail, which means it’s not time-consuming. This small part will play an important role to get more audience on your channel. It will ensure your success with the custom-built thumbnails for your videos.

Steps To Add Custom Thumbnail

There is a simple and easy way through which you can upload your thumbnail on YouTube.

  • In the initial stage, go to and choose the camera plus icon to upload your content in the form of video.
  • To add a custom thumbnail for the video you have uploaded recently, go to the dashboard in the videos section of YouTube. After that, you have to click the video to edit the settings.
  • In the settings of the video, you will get suggestions of three thumbnails for your video content, at the end of the screen.
  • On the right end side of the screen, you will also see an option for custom thumbnail Upload.
  • You have to click the box, select an image from your android and after that, you have uploaded it.

Best and Great Tips For Creating Thumbnails

Thumbnails of YouTube play outstanding creativity with your content. But you must know, that making a custom thumbnail is not easy. Because your audience attraction depends on this part. Here are some tips listed below:

1. Select attractive and convenience image for you video content

This part is the basic and first step to do while creating a thumbnail. You don’t have to worry more about picture editing for YouTube. As companies introduce the best features that automatically select the best picture from your uploaded video as a thumbnail. Besides this, you can create your own thumbnail to attract more audience with your work and get a high success chance in your YouTube career.

2. Make Custom Graphic

Thumbnails represent the best impression of your content. That’s why many brands make their own custom thumbnails to represent effectively video content to their audience.

3. Combine Your Video Still With Best Graphics

You can combine the best image from your content video with attractive graphics to compel a YouTube thumbnail. It is the most famous and popular option for videos, which include many people for their vlogs, tutorial, or any other talk show.

4. Write Attractive Titles

Titles also play the main role to attract lots of audiences to your channel. If the title of the videos is short and easily understandable, then you will get a high audience.

The title of your content should be effective and have eye-catching words, which convince people easily. You should also add short and best titles to your thumbnail for a great impression. It will tell people that your video is actually about a specific thing.

5. Don’t Add Improper Images And Fake Title

Adding images or titles will ensure you get more people to your channel.  But with this, you have checked the quality of your images or titles. You don’t need to add any misleading titles or images to your video, otherwise, the company will directly remove your content from its website. You just have to select the proper image which fits your video and write an attractive title.

6. Check And Test Different Design Thumbnails

You don’t have to worry about thumbnail designs, because there is a lot of platforms from where you can pick the perfect design for your video.  Choose a design and select a video, after that select the best thumbnail style and monitor the results. If the click on your videos is high then it is good.


In this review, you will get complete information that how to create the best and efficient thumbnails for your video on YouTube. It will help you that how to make the best and great thumbnails, short titles which attract more people and they will join your channel.

You can make your chances of success on the YouTube platform high. There are also you can get tools that give you the design of the best and good looking thumbnails for your video. Creating thumbnails for your video does not take so much time from you. This small part will pay you high if you do it correctly.

You can also take guidelines that how to make a custom thumbnail for your video content, which attracts more people to your video, and other tips to get more people to your videos.

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