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How To Change Instagram Video Thumbnail [Size & Dimension]

The era of 2021 is the era of digital marketing and online business. Without effective digital marketing, you cannot increase your sales and level up your business.

For digital marketing, various strategies and online platforms are used. Instagram is one of these platforms considered as best for digital marketing.

People create marketing content and generate leads from social media platforms such as Instagram. Instagram marketing videos are a great source of generating leads.

Creating Instagram videos is damn easy but there are some strategies to attract views and followers. These techniques can take your business to a next level. Making an eye-catching, engaging and interesting Instagram video thumbnail is one of the best tricks.

An eye-catching and engaging video thumbnail forces people to click on your video. You know social platforms like YouTube and Instagram working principles are quite similar.

If your content is engaging then you will be getting more and more views. But people can’t see your content before clicking it. Here it comes when an eye-catching and quality thumbnail makes people click on it.

How To Change Instagram Video Thumbnail and Add Custom?

There are multiple but easy ways to change the Instagram video thumbnail. But I will share three best steps to add a custom Instagram video thumbnail.

Use Cover Feature

Select the video you want to upload on Instagram. Then you can tap “Next” on the top-right corner of the screen. The screen shows you three options for your video at the bottom as Filter, Trim, and Cover. If you are changing the thumbnail then you need to tap on the cover option.

Then you will start seeing the timeline of the video you are going to post. Now in order to choose the cover for your Instagram video you need to grad the highlighted bar that contains still frames from your video.

Now choose the frame that matches the theme of your video and looks engaging. Once you have selected the cover now tap next to the top of the screen. Here you can add a caption and insert some high-density keywords and hit the share button.

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Add an Extra Frame to Your Post

We know that we can upload an Instagram video with a 60-second duration limit. This is not enough duration to tell everything about your plan. But if you want to sum up your content and an attractive thumbnail then I have one trick for you.

  • Download any tool to create the thumbnail. Using this tool creates an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail for your video.
  • Use a video editing tool to add and cut clips into your current video. With this tool, you can add clips to your video. Now add the thumbnail and keep it as the first 5 frames.
  • When you are uploading your Instagram video all you have to select the thumbnail from the frame bar.

This trick helps you to add a custom thumbnail to your video without letting the user know.

Instagram Creator Studio

This option is for those who edit their videos and pictures on PC. Instagram creator studio allows you to upload videos and pictures just like you do in the application. You experience the mobile app-like functionality and features.

It has all functions and features that are user-friendly. But you will find a brand new feature different from the mobile app. You can upload videos with custom thumbnails by using this feature.

Signup for the Instagram creator studio and tap on the “create a post” option. After choosing the Instagram feed option add the video you want to upload. “Cover picture” appears after selecting the video then you can either select the cover pictures or add a custom picture. You can choose the desired photo you have created for the thumbnail and add some description.

Final Word

Adding a custom thumbnail to your Instagram videos is as crucial as your content is. Because you cannot attract an audience or make them click on your video without having an eye-catching and attractive thumbnail. Therefore we have prepared this article and shown you the three methods of uploading an Instagram video with a custom thumbnail.

But you need to be careful while doing this. Unlike the YouTube videos, you are not allowed to change the cover or thumbnail of your Instagram video once they are uploaded.

You have the option to add a custom thumbnail to the Instagram video only when uploading it. If you want to change the covers of other Instagram videos that are already published then you need to reupload them. You can delete the existing video and re-upload it with a new custom thumbnail.

The second two methods of adding a custom cover to Instagram videos are most convenient. You should prefer using Instagram creator studio as it offers you a wide range of options while uploading videos.

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