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We are Drone Services USA Inc., the manufacturer and solutions provider of state-of-the-art, commercial duty aerial vehicle drones and related equipment for use in mission critical applications such as: Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Fire Services, Agriculture, Aerial Inspection, Pipelines, Wildlife/Livestock Monitoring, Anti-Poaching, and many others.

Our commitment to excellence is in serving and aiding the public, helping to protect and preserve lives while providing the highest quality UAVs in the industry, utilizing superior components at competitive prices. We are dedicated to providing superior training, support, repair, maintenance, and operational excellence.

SAM Tracker Credentials: CAGE Code(s) 7ATD9, 7BHQ5, 7AKC8 | www.sam.gov

ProSearch XLF

Search and Rescue Drone

  • Unrivaled flight endurance in this form factor and price range.

  • Designed for easy transportation, even on commercial aircraft.

  • Designed to use parts commonly available worldwide in event of emergency repairs.

  • Full configurable flight controller, based on mature open source development.

  • Next generation GPS performance, including redundancy.

  • Terrain following capability.

  • Payloads and performance parameters designed in consultation with professional SAR teams.

  • Designed to operate in weathers traditionally hostile to drones.

Versatile Applications for Multi-Faceted Missions

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