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Director Mike Elliott Discusses Drones and Drone Laws

The concept of privacy continues to be redefined by technology. We’ve talked for years about online threats but what about right outside your window? This week’s report of a woman who woke to a drone peeking into her bedroom makes the point that privacy is increasingly in danger of disappearing. What happened to her wasn’t illegal, though it may make you think twice about your window coverings and what’s covering you if you like to be home in your underwear. And it’s also getting under the skin of drone business owners such as Mike Elliott, Owner and General Manager of Drone Services Hawaii.

Listen To The Interview With Mike Elliott on Hawaii Public Radio Here!

Spotlight: Drone Services USA - Mission

Drone Services USA Inc. is the manufacturer and solutions provider of state-of-the-art, commercial duty aerial vehicle drones and related equipment for use in mission critical applications such as:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Services

  • Pipelines
  • Agriculture
  • Aerial Inspection

  • Wildlife/Livestock Monitoring
  • Anti-Poaching
  • 3D Mapping

DSUSA’s commitment to excellence is focused on the following areas: serving and aiding the public, helping to protect and preserve lives while providing the highest quality UAVs in the industry, utilizing superior components at competitive prices, providing superior training, support, repair, maintenance, and operational excellence. Customers gain from DSUSA’s holistic approach to customer service.

DSUSA is a manufacturer of the ProSearch line and an authorized dealer for drone industry leaders such as Steadidrone, and DJI. DSUSA can build or tailor mission packages to meet customer requirements using its own proprietary technologies or any combination of these technologies and drones produced by the aforementioned industry leaders. The introductory DSUSA ProSearch line of products and services are shown below in addition to current offerings as an authorized dealer. These products will continue to grow and evolve as market conditions and new technologies continue to develop and improve.

Spotlight: Industries Expand Drone Applications

Drone Services USA, Inc. (DSUSA) strives to be the premier drone manufacturer and solutions provider for personal and commercial use, drone repair, imaging and associated equipment. Critical missions include search and rescue, law enforcement, fire services, and aerial inspections of infrastructure, agriculture, pipelines, and wildlife/livestock are experiencing an exponential increase in demand for drones.


DSUSA’s Board of Directors represent more than 100 years combined U.S. military service; including surveillance, procurement, aviation, and intelligence; as well as 75 years in the UAV industry. DSUSA’s superior competitive advantage stems from the strategic alliance of subsidiaries and partnerships that bring under one roof: drone innovation, advanced infrared cameras, LED strobes, manufacturing scalability and expanding global coverage. Using this integrated approach has positioned DSUSA to have an amplified edge over its competition. Each subsidiary within DSUSA has a unique, and award winning, performance history.

With the commercial drone market expected to reach $91 billion by 2025, DSUSA is dedicated to being an industry pace-setter by setting the industry standard for quality, components, pricing, training, support, repair, maintenance, operational excellence, return on investment, and innovation.

Industry Focus

Law Enforcement:Real time surveillance, crowd and large event monitoring with live feeds to command centers have proven invaluable to law enforcement. DSUSA UAVs provide a cost effective and methodical approach to enhance law enforcements ability to provide public safety.

  • Currently there are about 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the U.S., including 12,501 local police departments, 3,063 sheriff’s offices, and 50 primary law enforcement agencies.

Fire Departments: The ability to locate downed firemen, wildfire hotspots, and victims using a combination of drones and thermal imaging has proven a much more effective, safer and extremely cost effective alternative to conventional search and intelligence methods such as helicopters or other low flying aircraft.

  • As of January 2015, there were 27,140 fire departments registered with the National Fire Department Census. This is about 90% of all U.S. fire departments.

Aerial Inspections: Crop monitoring, pipelines, wildlife, livestock, and anti-poaching surveillance are all sectors that have added drone technology to their arsenal. Cost effectiveness and ease of use have made otherwise cumbersome activities such as pipeline inspections much easier using high-definition streaming video.

Insurance Companies: There are over 800 insurance companies in the United States. Drones can assist insurance companies by:

  • Improving the productivity, efficiency and safety of property claims adjusters.
  • Enhancing the productivity of risk engineers.
  • Drones can cover large areas of property in a short span of time, the number of adjusters needed in the field can also be reduced —- removing the operational stress of employing and deploying large numbers of claims adjusters.
  • Reducing fraudulent agricultural claims.

Search and Rescue: First responders at federal, state and local levels including localized search and rescue entities in remote, mountainous, forested and maritime environments. Rapid deployment of services following natural disasters is a strategic priority. Having the ability to use drone technology combined with thermal imaging is paramount for survival of life during mitigation of disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and tornadoes in which structure collapses have made conventional search and rescue historically difficult.

There are thousands of search and rescue teams in the United States. DSUSA can provide and edge to increase survivability to local, state, federal, and international agencies and teams with the ability to decrease search times and provide medical supplies, water, and other life saving equipment in difficult to navigate areas, such as:

  • Collapsed structures
  • Waterborne disasters
  • Inland Wilderness (For search and rescue of lost and missing persons in a wide variety of circumstances and environments)
  • Areas not able to be accessed by vehicles

 Private Security Firms: There are hundreds of private security firms in the U.S. alone. The possibilities for private security firms are limitless.  Not only domestic security but private security contracted to perform missions of aid and relief, escort, and materiel transports overseas will experience an much needed advantage during operations.

Spotlight: UAV Technology Innovations

Just like any technology based product, there is a constant need for improvement and innovation.  Drone Services USA has partnered with the industry leaders in high definition imaging, thermal imaging technologies, payload capability improvements, extended flight times and capabilities, and visual safety. Drone Services USA is poised to be ahead of the competition in all disciplines of UAVs and will continue to stay ahead while providing the highest quality craftsmanship at the most economical pricing.

Drone Services USA Proud Partnerships

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