Thumbnail Blaster Review [Pro Download] – Is It Worth To Buy?

Video creation and editing both are hard-working tasks. Some people got this talent from God and they are now successful YouTubers. But the thumbnail puts an extra level of attraction on your video which gets a lot of views. As you know that the thumbnail is the main task to get more views and rank your video on YouTube.

thumbnail blaster reviewThumbnail creation is not an easy task and everyone cannot create it well. Thus, people need a professional freelancer or designer who creates a perfect thumbnail for their video.

But it is costly and no one can afford a professional thumbnail designer. Therefore, experts introduced some platforms that may help everyone to make bundles of thumbnails for their YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook, and other videos platforms.

Most of the programs do not provide the results that a user want, and most of the program also expensive. After so much researches and our own experience, we found the world’s best thumbnail creator/designer program “Thumbnail Blaster”.

Without wasting more time, let’s discuss this program more and the complete “Thumbnail Blaster Review” is here. In this review, you will learn about the program and its features. Moreover, you will learn to use it for your videos.

What is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster is a software tool that helps you to create a thumbnail of your own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok videos. It is based on Artificial Intelligence and this cloud-based program can create and design an attractive thumbnail. This tool is helpful and useful, so it helps you to create any thumbnail without any extra effort.

Moreover, it helps to rank your videos on any platform and people will definitely like your work. It makes everything easy and simple but creative. The art and talent will be polished with a beautiful, attractive, effective, and eye-capturing thumbnail.

This software tool or application saves your money and time. Thumbnail Blaster allows you to 100+ templates for thumbnail creation. You just need to choose anyone and click on it to move to the further steps.

Moreover, it provides you the chance to spit test your selected thumbnail template which helps you the most to understand which will suits more on your video.

You have no need to hire any designer for your video’s thumbnail because this single tool is enough for you. It has a lot of features that help to create awesome thumbnails in simple steps.

You just need to get the complete package and enjoy this tool that just requires three clicks and shows the fantastic thumbnail. Both professional and standard versions have some differences, soon you will understand.

Author of Thumbnail Blaster Software

Stoica B & Vlad (online marketer, software developer) introduced a fantastic software tool that can generate thumbnails for every type of video. They designed this software to the creation and grabbing the attentive thumbnails within just 3 clicks.

Yes, it is a really simple and easy way to use this fantastic app. The authors of this application claims that it will require less time and just 3 clicks will generate the perfect thumbnail. The 100 templates added in this tool to select that related one to your video and click on it to create the attentive thumbnail.

How does Thumbnail Blaster work?

The Thumbnail Blaster software app is a very unique platform that provides easy and simple ways to generate thumbnails for every type of video. It works very properly and shows fantastic results. Just you need to buy the package for the official site and start using it.

It works in three steps, these are as follows:

Step 1: Select a Template

There are 100+ templates added in the Thumbnail Blaster tool. These templates are based on multiple niches in which include Local Business, Health, Weight Loss, Gaming, Vlogs, Travelling, Education, Pets, Funny, Music, SEO, Makeup, Beauty salon, Reviews, Entertainment, and Movies, etc. You just need to select your video-related niche template and move to the next.

Step 2: Click Edit and Customize

In the second step, the real work will start and you have no need for any skill for it. Just click on the Edit option and start editing by yourself. The software tool easily customizes it as you need. So, you can drag and drop anything after customizing process. There are many options to edit yourself also as your own choice. So, you can resize, and change the fonts style, change text, add new elements, etc.

Step 3: Publish and Get Views

After the first two steps, you can now publish your video with just one click. You just need to click on “PUBLISH” and the Thumbnail Blaster software will easily update your edited video with an AI-created attentive thumbnail. It will help you to get more views on your video and more views will grow your channel.

What is inside the Thumbnail Blaster tool?

As Thumbnail Blaster is a software tool and it comes with a lot of features that make it a useful and helpful tool. It comes with beautiful, attentive, outclass thumbnails that rank your videos in less time.

It has fantastic tools that perform several tasks like create thumbnails while using color, background, text, titles, and design structure. Moreover, the complete package of Thumbnail Blaster comes with some guidelines steps.

The guidance will improve your skills in designing and may help you to learn about thumbnails creation. You can easily use this software at the beginning and learn and everything about videos thumbnails.

The techniques will be used to rank your YouTube video with awesome title text. This software will teach you which design will be best, which color will suits, which color will attract an audience, and how you can resize or customize the thumbnails. All the information is clearly described in this software tool.

Moreover, the video tutorials, images, and templates designs are inside the package. As well as you can watch the videos for help. In starting the video, you will watch the introduction about thumbnails, and the fantastic tool Thumbnail Blaster. 

Also, you will see its features, and the complete method to use it for designing. Also, the images will teach you the right direction and you will learn easy to use the application.

Features of Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster is an amazing software program that comes with a bundle of useful features. These are as follows:

Different types of elements

This amazing software provides wonderful elements that help you to design any thumbnail without any issue. You have a good chance to select any element to make your video thumbnail more attractive as people like it. All the trendy images and thumbnail elements are included in this single program.

Different styles and designs

Thumbnail Blaster comes with beautiful and eye-catching styles and designs that make your thumbnail more amazing. There are several styles of font, several designs of images, several colors, and many more options included to choose the suitable element as you want.

Drag and Drop features

This feature makes it a more useful, and interesting app because you can easily customize your thumbnail without any skill. After 2,3 minutes of practice, you will learn to edit everything. You can easily drag any image and also drop it as where you want. Your own decisions will make your thumbnail more fantastic.

More than 100 templates

Thumbnail Blaster has more than 100 templates that are just for your help. You can easily choose any template that relates to your video and you think that that will suit you more.

Automatic Creation

This unique feature helps you to rank your video in less time. Because Thumbnail Blaster provides the automatic feature that performs so many tasks automatically.

You have no need to take any tension because the program is really fantastic. After this process, your video will be able to bring three times more traffic to your video.

AI image analyzer

The AI feature is really superb and it performs many tasks automatically. Thumbnail Blaster is based on AI and provides you the help to generate everything without any issue.

Split test

The software also provides you the opportunity to split test and choose the correct template for your video. For this, you need to choose any two templates that you think are suitable. But you have to select one and then you can test it easily. Just launch the template in the split test tool and relax. A suitable thumbnail will be added to your video and you can easily publish that video on your YouTube channel, or any other platform.

Easy to use

Thumbnail Blaster is a fantastic program and it is easy to use for everyone. All the tutorials and using methods will be described for everyone. So, beginners can also use this software program to create unique templates.


Thumbnail Blaster software is available with additional content in which included extra video tutorials, images added, key steps to learn about thumbnails. Moreover, there is more content added as a bonus that will benefit you a lot. So, many other tools were added free for everyone to use with Thumbnail Blaster complete package. These are as follows:

1: Super Graphics Pack

This program is added in Thumbnail Blaster software as a tool that provides you additional content of graphics. So, you can choose your favorite graphics or suitable graphics with suitable designs for your thumbnail. Its cost is $37 and you buy it individually but Thumbnail Blaster provides it free with its premium package.

2: Ranking on YouTube System

The software to rank your video on YouTube also added in Thumbnail Blaster bonuses. So, you have no need to purchase it separately because this software provides you this ability free.

3: Google Ranking Secrets

Thumbnail Blaster program also provides google ranking secrets that help you to grow your online marketing and earn more money than before. All the expert’s secrets are clearly described in this program and allow the users to use its tools without any risk.

Is Thumbnail Blaster Software Legit or Scam?

Many freelancer experts and professional YouTube managers have used this software tool and they admire it. The users gave us a positive response and recommend it to beginners.

This program is based on automatic material and features which can generate a thumbnail within 60 seconds. It is a 100% legit platform that creates a very type of thumbnail and also provides you the ability to select a template that you would like on your video as a thumbnail.

After so much researches and experts positive responses, we can say that Thumbnail Blaster is not a scam because it works properly. All the features are really amazing and useful material is included.

The guidelines, video tutorials, and easy methods are useful also. The content of this software program is highly effective for your online business.

Thumbnail Blaster Pro Review – The Pros and Cons:


  • Thumbnail Blastercomes with 30 already created Thumbnails. So, you can just select anyone according to your niche and use it well.
  • This software has the best feature drag and drop, which helps the user to edit the template as he/she wants.
  • It provides the ability to edit and easily customize the thumbnail and then attach it to your videos.
  • All the bonus material in which includes several other tools are totally free in the complete package.
  • Thumbnail Blaster also has a split testing module that allows you to test the selected two templates for thumbnail.
  • You have also an option to updates your video thumbnails and again publish the video without any risk.
  • The software program also provides customer support to get help from experts and generate a unique thumbnail.
  • There is no limit to creating a thumbnail through Thumbnail Blasterbecause you can create unlimited thumbnails.
  • This amazing software tool comes with 1000 graphics objects that provide you the opportunity to design templates by yourself.
  • This fantastic software application is compatible with all platforms such as TikTok, Instagram app, Facebook app, and YouTube, etc.
  • Id doesn’t required any installation method.
  • It has the world’s best image editors who provide easy ways and also beautiful color combinations to create an attractive thumbnail.


  • You can use it via the internet only, not downloadable material available.
  • One package is only usable for only one YouTube channel.
  • Shortage of templates according to several niches.


1. What is the Price of a Thumbnail Blaster?

The Thumbnail Blaster tool is not costly because the price is affordable and it is designed for everyone. So, it is available for just $36.86.

2. What is the upgraded plan of Thumbnail Blaster?

The Thumbnail Blaster has upgraded plans in which includes such:

OTO 1. Thumbnail Blaster Pro: additional content with the price of $47.

OTO 2. Agency upgrades: additional content with the price of $67.

OTO 3. Template Club: additional content with the price of $27

OTO 3. Lingo Blaster Pro: additional content with the price of $57.

3. How Thumbnail Blaster is unique software?

The content and material of Thumbnail Blaster differ it from the other software tools. Moreover, its features, split test also makes it a unique software program.


Thumbnail Blaster Review shows you every feature, tool, and work process. After reading this complete content about the software, you should realize that this program system is really helpful, useful, and beneficial for every user.

It 100% works and provides the opportunity to create your own thumbnails for YouTube videos without any professional editing skills. You have no need to afford any designer because it will be expensive more than you think. So, it is better that you take interest in creating and use a tool that helps you a lot.

Each step of this software is very simple and easy to use, even beginners can also use it without any problem. Thus, the author claims that this tool is specially designed for users’ help and it is beneficial for beginners also.

There is no limit to creating thumbnails and you will enjoy the templates, designs, features, uses, process, and bonus material. Also, the users can enjoy customer support, an extensive template library, and easy-to-use tools.

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